Tuesday, 7 July 2015

#YKWYA - A New EP (And Other News)

Gary writes:

Our most recent EP, entitled "You Know What You Are" was finally released on 22nd May, and as I alluded to in my previous post, due to no label interest at the time, we decided to self-release the EP once we had garnered additional remixes of selected tracks from our talented peers Cease2Xist, Ruinizer, Paresis and X-KiN. X-KiN's remix of "Twist" took the song in a whole different direction, having Anthony's performance mostly replaced with the soulful jazzy vocals of Veronick. Shaken and not stirred, if you will.

The EP had a brief, yet successful pre-order period which saw it being eagerly snapped up as well as getting several glowing reviews as well. Here's a sampling of what some the reviews had to say:

"The band are reaching their potential and cranking out some great songs that will appeal to the current climate." - Intravenous Magazine

"Goodbye is an example why I feel that Defeat are true industrial magicians" Wicked Spins Radio

"There is still that expected and inescapable catchiness, each track whipping up vivacious energies and anthemic temptation but equally they devour the most imposing and darkest corners of emotion and life." - Ringmaster Review

Following the EP release, we played at this year's Cybersonik festival in London, returning to the stage at Slimelight once again. Although the set was beset with a recalcitrant laptop that skipped the backing track randomly, we were very well received by those who had ventured out to see us. A highlight for me was hearing the crowd singing along with us, particularly on "Resist", a track from YKWYA with a somewhat anthemic chorus. It was a real "goosebumps" moment.

As I write this, we've taken delivery of some new kit which means no more laptop live, so no skipping hard disks at future shows. We will be venturing out live with this set-up soon - details of which will be revealed soon.

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