Monday, 4 July 2016

How Time Flies

Gary writes:

It's been almost year since my last post here (slaps wrists), but despite this we've been busy boys...

After the release of "You Know What You Are" in May 2015, we played at the last Cybersonik festival in London, where we had an unintentional glitch-inspired set, thanks to a temperamental laptop. The upshot of the technical issues means we've got an amended live rig, and we're now laptop-free live.

Following that show, we played at the Beat:Cancer / Club Recall Halloween Ball in October, be-decked in facepaint as "the un-dead with Swag". This was the acid test for the new live rig, and I was very happy with how flawlessly everything worked.

2016 has seen us mostly in "writing mode" with gigs very thin on the ground, and right now we have only one show planned for this year, doing our bit for Beat:Cancer and playing at the Manchester show with Memmaker, Cease2Xist, Tapewyrm and Nature of Wires.

While we've yet to determine our set for this upcoming show, plans are underway.

The bulk of our time at the moment is being taken up with work on our next release, and we've got some really good songs in the pipeline (even if we say so ourselves). Vocals are all tracked and we're currently in the production and mixing phases. At present we have nine tracks, and the plan is for an album with those nine tracks.

Until next time...

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