Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Lot Can Happen In A Few Months

Gary writes:

It's been a while since I've posted here, and a lot has happened in the intervening weeks.

First of all, we've completed the new tracks for the new EP, and these have been mixed and mastered. I have to say I'm very happy with how the tracks have turned out, and I'd go so far to say that the six tracks we've done are the best work we have done to date. We're currently in the process of gathering remixes for the EP, and are currently looking at self-releasing the EP in the new year.

The choice to self-release the EP became an obvious one after the closure of Juggernaut Music Group, who we were in discussions with up until the label's demise a few months ago. Going to other labels in the scene with the begging bowl is not our style, and as we've not had any approaches from any other labels (Juggernaut being the only ones to show any interest in working with us), we've decided to do our own thing and self release as it does seem to be the most logical way forward for us at present. We're not a so-called "name" band in the scene, and I suspect that the labels out there either simply don't know we exist or are just not as passionate about our music as we are.

On the flip side of any perceived EP release-related woes, Anthony and I played arguably our best gig ever opening the proceedings at the first Beat:Cancer LIVE festival. Being first on the bill is always tough, as crowd numbers are usually low for the opening bands. However, this proved to be the exception for this gig and hearing the crowd roar after finishing the opening track spurred both of us on to give a great performance, and the show become one big party. It was an experience I will never forget, and I'm eternally grateful to Beat:Cancer supremo Mark Haigh for inviting Defeat to be part of proceedings. We had a blast tearing up the stage with Biomechanimal, Ruinizer, Cease2Xist, Dirty K, and ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse, and it seemed that the new tracks we performed (which will be on the EP) went down very well.

With the festive season soon upon us, we're taking things easy at the moment, gearing up for the EP release, which we'll be announcing the date for soon.

Until next time...

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