Wednesday, 30 July 2014

An Apology And More EP News

Gary writes:

I'd like to start this update with an apology.

As those who follow and know us may know, we had secured the opening slot for last month's Cybersonik Festival after The .Invalid was unable to appear. However, illness on my part prevented us from playing the show. I'd like to extend my apologies to those who wanted to see us play, but also to promoters Synchrotrax and the other bands on the bill, particularly good friends Ruinizer and Machine Rox.

However on a more positive note, work on the EP has continued unabated and as of today, we have 5 of the 6 tracks now mixed and mastered, as well have having a storming remix come in from Cease2Xist. We hope to have the final sixth track mixed and mastered very soon and our hope is that with the EP we can grab the attention and release the EP via a label - fingers very much crossed on that one.

On the mastering front, I'm working with erstwhile labelmates Ghost In The Static on mastering their next EP, with steady progress being made. I don't wish to steal the guys' thunder, but the songs I've worked on so far are belters and this new release promises to be a brilliant follow up to "Fallout".

Until next time...

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