Thursday, 20 June 2013

An Industrial-tinged Summer Solstice beckons

Gary writes:

As I write this, we're two days away from releasing our debut album, after what has been a very busy time recording and mixing. The album was mastered and delivered to SDR at the end of April, and we've have three positive reviews so far, with one even scoring 10/10! Links to the reviews are below:

Feedback we've had on the tracks we've previewed on Soundcloud has also been really positive, and the mood in the camp is buoyant as release time draws ever closer. We are most definitely very proud of this first album.

We also played our first ever London gig on 8th June, opening the Cybersonik festival. We arrived at the venue with time to spare, and checked out some of the other bands going through their soundcheck. Then our soundcheck came and disaster nearly struck. It's a bit of an in-joke amongst musicians about the reliability of Behringer gear, but our keyboard mixer (which had worked flawlessly for the past 10 years or so) decided to throw a fit in the soundcheck and went wrong - the right channel on the main mix was completely dead, meaning we only had the left channel! Luckily we were able to run our kit directly to PA, bypassing the mixer. With that sorted, we were able to soundcheck and then play the gig itself without any problems. The feedback we got from the crowd was very positive, with several people commenting on how clear and punchy our sound was. I was also able to meet many of those I only "knew" virtually. All in all, for us the gig was ultimately a big success.

I've also been recruited by Mark Haigh, head honcho of Draconic Elimination Projects (DEP) and prime instigator of the Beat:Cancer compilation to mix the next "DEP feat. MiXE1" album. Although it's early days, things are going really well, and I'm really enjoying working on the project.

Until next time.

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